Projects: Shutters and Walls working for you

Shutter Graphics

  • Making Your Shutter Work for You
  • 3rd Party Advertising.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Promote – New and existing products at eye level.
  • Already paying for space…why not use it to your advantage.
  • Street-Vision is an innovative advertising design product which will transform streets, shops and businesses, whilst attracting potential customers at street level.
  • Street-vision is visually captivating, productive and significantly more cost effective than many existing methods of street advertising.
Brick Wrap

  • Brick is one of the most challenging surfaces to adhere to whether indoors or outdoors, but Brick Wrap is the latest customer-driven trend in the market, End-users want to have the opportunity to display their message beyond traditional point-of-purchase, in unique places like old renovated buildings, Shopping Mall entrances, airports, subway’s railway stations, etc.
  • Creative and eye catching high resolution textured wall graphics can take a blank wall and turn it into a revenue producing billboard space, working for you 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost.