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Shutters and Windows

  • Street Vision is a one stop street dressing company for Shutters, Windows, Hoardings, Wall Graphics, Signage, Awnings and lighting. Our designers and fitters have many years experience in the trade.
    Shutter graphics can be fitted to new or existing shutters. They are produced to a very high standard and are the new phenomenon in street dressing. Not only are they visually effective, they are also cost effective. The graphics are graffiti proof and UV resistant.
    Street vision designers can produce stunning designs for retail and commercial outlets. Working with customers designs. We manufacture signs from a multitude of materials to suit your exact requirements.
    Window Graphics can transform the look of your premises and are a very effective way of dressing closed or rundown outlets.
    Hoarding Graphics are a cost effective way to cover building sites or wasteland areas by displaying information or stunning graphics.
    Awnings and Blinds can be installed new or we can refurbish your old unit. Awnings can be produced in standard or bespoke sizes. Only the very best materials are used to maximise the look and life span of the awning or blind. We can also refurbish old blinds or awnings to save you money.
    We can supply all types of security shutters at very competitive prices. Powered or manual and in any colour or finish. We can also apply eye catching graphics to make the shutters work for you.

Brick Wrap

Our new wall wrapping film features exceptional, easy tear-free application and a smooth, yet strong adhesive bond that creates a paint-like appearance and beautiful visual effect as it delivers flawless performance.

Brick is one of the most challenging surfaces to adhere to whether indoors or outdoors, but Brick Wrap is the latest customer-driven trend in the market, End-users want to have the opportunity to display their message beyond traditional point-of-purchase, in unique places like old renovated buildings, Shopping Mall entrances, airports, subway’s railway stations, its use is limitless.

This clever usage of textured vinyl is part of a non-traditional ad campaign It is phenomenal how it adheres to the surface giving a long lasting paint like effect. The huge wall graphics offer the perfect opportunity to draw the people in from the streets as well as making your premises a talking point.

The painted on look of the wall graphics blend perfectly with the architecture of the surrounding building, Brickwrap can cover vast areas of walls allowing visibility from the road, it is a cost effective way to promote your business attracting  potential clients. It has a huge impact because it is seen everyday. People see it when they drive by and can’t believe that it is vinyl applied to the wall.

Creative and eye catching high resolution textured wall graphic can take a blank wall and turn it into a revenue producing billboard space, working for you 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost.

Councils and Local Authorities
Brick wrap gives an opportunity to show the community what you’re about, ideal for regeneration projects.

It gives you the opportunity to publicise and advertise, Ideal for promoting awareness, awareness campaigns as well as local culture, diversity and creativity.

Its ability to utilise spaces that in the past haven’t been the most accessible, yet are possibly the most visible from the streets. A product that is easy to change periodically and attract attention from the passing pedestrians and motorists. Create an environment that will motivate people to tell others about your space. Make a big impression,

Brickwrap will transform unsightly walls, deter graffiti artist and is a great platform to promote your town, it is suitable for buildings, bridges, walkway and subways.

In schools playground walls can visually display educational information, for instance, historical events and dates, maths and grammar equations & patterns, helping young people to learn whilst playing.

The uses for Brick Wrap are endless, it can be fitted to flat or textured surfaces, pedestrians and potential customers will be intrigued by its appearance making your business or town a talking point, thus increasing potential customers and visitors.


Professionally fitted, the installation process takes just a few hours using heat guns and rollers, which help conform the vinyl into the rough concrete surface. When laminated it has an outdoor durability of at least 18 months The material adheres great on rock‚ cement and brick. When applied properly‚ the material really gets into all the nooks and crannies of the stone.

Our installation team will visit your premises to survey the wall and our graphics department are on hand to help you decide on suitable images and supply you with the resolutions and formats to turn your artwork into giant wall graphics to give maximum impact.

Brickwrap does not penetrate the buildings when installed, So it offers a perfect alternative to traditional signage, The graphics can be removed very cleanly with no residue‚ leaving the buildings in their original condition or creating a blank canvas ready for your next campaign or promotion.