Other Products

Graffiti Removal

We all know that graffiti is an increasing problem in the UK today and that it should be removed within 24 hours of its appearance to deter further graffiti attacks. Because graffiti attracts graffiti, a relatively small, harmless-looking name or ‘tag’ can quickly turn a wall into a graffiti-covered eyesore if not removed as quickly as possible.

We offer discount rates to community organisations and local authorities.

  • All woods
  • All metals (including Aluminium)
  • Stone (including soft and porous stones)
  • Brick
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Most plastics (may etch certain types of Perspex & polycarbonate) 

Window Graphics and Frosted Graphics

Visually stunning and eye-catching window graphics, can say a lot about your company often more than can be said in words.

Professionally designed graphics can add colour and ambience to a building creating a welcoming environment, attracting custom and making your premises stand out from the crowds.

Frosting windows can add class to a business. Frosting lets light in, whilst retaining privacy, ideal for cafes, restaurants or street front businesses.

logo’s can be incorporated into frosting making your premises individual and unique.

Signage and Vehicle Graphics


Extend your company image to your vehicles, using a combination of photographic artwork, full body wrap graphics and vinyl lettering we can design, supply and fit graphics to suit, turning your vehicles into mobile billboards.

Signs that attract customers to your business, individual, unique, creations designed with your company  in mind.

  • Increasing awareness to potential customers
  • Make a big impact where it counts with your signage
  • Advertising & Site Boards
  • Exterior & Interior
  • Window graphics
  • Pavement Signs

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