FAQ: Shutters Graphcis and Brick Wrap

Shutter Graphics - FAQ

Can Street-Vision be applied to existing shutters?

Graphics can be applied to new or existing shutters, our team of fitters will prepare your shutters ready for Street-Vision graphics.


We have just taken possession of a new store and need signs and lighting, but the front of the shop is in bad repair can you help?

We can carry out all manner of repair before any signage is installed 


We have our own logo and image can we use them?

We can supply you or your design team with the required formats and imagery size required to produce high quality graphics.

Graffiti is a real problem in this area, how will Street-Vision help prevent this?

Street-Vision will remove the blank canvas favoured by graffiti artist and replace it with eye catching graphics. Street-Vision Shutter Graphics have a built in anti-graffiti proof product, making graffiti easily removable, in the unlikely event of the shutters being graffited we can provide you with a solution which easily removes the graffiti. Street-Vision enhances walkways , it is proven that where a community promotes pride, graffiti and vandalism is reduced.

My current shop sign is very dirty with missing letters and some of the lights do not work. Can it be reconditioned rather than replaced?

Yes! In most cases we can repair and clean old signage to make it look as good as new. We can usually replace missing letter with exactly the same size and colour fonts.

My current awning has discoloured and is very dirty looking, do I need a replacement?

Not always! We can change the material, clean the frame work and service your existing awning which also saves you money.

My premises are a very awkward shape. Can you make awnings any size?

We can manufacture awnings to fit any size or shape

Can you make signage in any shape or size?

Yes! Our design team can produce signs in all shapes and sizes to maximise the  impact for your requirements.

Can hoarding Graphics be reused?

Yes! You can reuse our hoardings time and time again.



I would like to replace my existing sign but I have no experience in designing something like that.

Our experienced design team will work with you every step of the way. Helping you decide on material, appearance and installation, so you don’t have to worry.

Brick Wrap - FAQ

Can Brick Wrap be adhered to rough walls?

Yes it requires no boarding; we prepare the walls ready for Brick Wrap.

Can wall wrap be fitted to any wall?

We will survey wall and give you our opinion as to the suitability of the wall

Does Brick Wrap damage the surface of the bricks?

Not at all , once removed the wall is returned to its a priginal state.

Can Brick Wrap only be adhered to Brick Walls?

Not at all, any concrete surface, flat walls indoors and out, around garden ponds, over railway bridges, its use is limitless.